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StartupX Foundry, through a network of global partners, provides innovators and entrepreneurs with the means and resources of bringing new ideas to market, and facilitates them throughout their journey by harnessing them with the necessary tools to accelerate startups from inspiration to exit.

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Are you looking out for an opportunity to be a strategic partner to a well-incubated startup? Look no further.

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Want to join an army of Smiths that help forge some of the best startups built on progressive innovation?

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Looking out to be a part of a team that drives technological innovation? Don’t think twice about contacting us. We’d love to have a chat with you.

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Do you have that one great idea that you want to follow through on but have no idea where to begin? or a product/service in the pipeline that just needs the right tools to succeed? Make your startup dream a reality by telling us your story so that we can fuel you with the motivation, drive and most importantly, resources, to start!

We will not replicate or copy your submitted conceptualized idea. StartupX Foundry believes that the founder is a vital part of any idea and would not have the essential spark without them as a core part of a Startup.

Current Startups

Empower your teams to develop and grow in the most social, fun and rewarding way with this innovative gamified knowledge management platform.

Enabling businesses to seamlessly sell Software as a Service (SaaS) apps online through a robust SaaS subscription and billing platform.

A digital traceability platform that captures and makes available the authenticity and the source of the product.

Sri Lanka’s first-ever Makerspace, driven towards inspiring young minds on Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Thinking.

The Leadership

Dumindra Ratnayaka

Chairman and Senior Consultant at Martin & George, Former CEO of Etisalat.

An active figure in the local Angel Investor ecosystem, Dumindra is a cornerstone of the Lankan telco industry and years of exposure in to strategic management makes him a tactician. He will harness his know-how to guide you through your journey from inception.

Dag Honningsvåg

Chairman of Driw AS, Bylineme and WindSim AS, Former CEO of Making Waves.

With over 25 years of hands-on experience in building tech companies and vital knowledge in mentoring and investing in startups across borders, honing them from their raw state to a fine blade, Dag will help make you and your Startup sharp as a Samurai sword.

Pete Deemer

Founder/CEO of GoodAgile, Founder of GameSpot, Former VP – Product Development of Yahoo! Inc.

With over two decades of experience in building up winning products and teams in Silicon Valley and Asia, Pete is an entrepreneur who acts as a mentor to numerous tech companies in Agile Product Development. He will steer you along the most effective path as you go all out to bring your product to market.

Mano Sekaram

CEO/Co-Founder of 99X Technology.

A serial entrepreneur, he has built up successful tech companies and has credentials of taking software products and high-end service offerings to international markets. Mano will enhance your startup and position it to go global.

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